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Recommended Load Broker Insurance Coverages. On Nov. 19th, 2014, NTBA members and guests learned what insurance coverages are essential to protect a load broker -- both cargo and liability insurances.  Click here for copies of the presentation and a recommended insurance package for NTBA members.


3rd ANNUAL NTBA GOLF - PICTURES! Was held on Sept. 3rd, 2014.  Click here for a summary of our sponsors and pictures of those who participated.


ARE YOU IN COMPLIANCE WITH U.S. RULES FOR LOAD BROKERS? The NTBA hosted a dinner meeting in April 2014 featuring a guest speaker who addressed the question of whether or not Canadian based brokers need to comply with U.S. requirements for an increased $75,000 surety bond.  NTBA members can click here for complete details.



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Ensuring that freight brokerage is properly classified in a group that recognizes workers risk factors


Ensuring that the NTBA membership has current and reliable information on how recent changes to surety bond requirements affect Canadian based load brokers.


Ensuring that freight brokerage is recognized as an integral participant of the distribution cycle as it relates to national and international security


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