About the NTBA

The mission of the NTBA is:

  • To promote and continually improve business relationships among shippers, carriers, government and freight brokers
  • To foster good ethics among all transportation industry partners
  • To invite innovation that creates efficiencies in the transportation industry
  • To encourage effective and practical regulation of the trucking industry including the freight brokerage sector
  • To work with industry suppliers such as insurance companies to quantify and contain risk to members
  • To educate participants on transportation matters


  • The NTBA is a non-profit association of Canadian-based transportation companies who operate wholly or partly as freight brokers .  It is the goal of the NTBA to continually promote and improve the business environment in which we all operate.  This includes shippers, carriers, government and freight brokers.  The NTBA is wholly funded by the membership and is administered by a volunteer executive and board of directors.

  • Beginning in 2010, all NTBA members are required to sign the following Code of Ethics & Professionalism.  The newly formed Ethics & Professionalism Committee will arbitrate complaints about any NTBA member in good standing using this code as a standard.  The committee will consist of two NTBA board members as well as a representative of the carrier community.  It is the goal of the committee to arbitrate complaints and insure that NTBA members adhere to the Code of Ethics & Professionalism.