Why should my company join the NTBA?

The NTBA is a non-profit, volunteer organization that represents the interests of the brokerage community within the larger North American transportation industry. You will join a group of companies that are committed to operating in a fair and ethical manner.

As a corporate member, your company will enjoy the following benefits.

  • Regular educational meetings. This is a chance for you and your staff to keep up to date with topical presentations by recognized industry experts.
  • Networking. You and your employees will have the opportunity throughout the year to network with other 3PL's, carriers, industry suppliers and experts from the legal, government and insurance industries.
  • Code of Ethics/ Professionalism. By joining the NTBA, your company is telling customers, carriers and other 3PL's that you subscribe to our Code of Ethics & Professionalism.
  • Public Policy Advocacy. The NTBA represents members to shipper and carrier organizations, government authorities and the transportation media.
  • Member Communication. The NTBA publishes regular newsletter communications and email updates on important developments that affect your business.